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Verify Google Adsense without PIN but a Proof of Identity Document

Adsense Personal Identification Number (PIN) verified

To say the postal service in my country is terrible is an understatement. I remember thrice requesting for my Google Adsense PIN which I never received (lost in transit). To protect the security of accounts, Google requires you to verify your address before they can send you payment. To do so, a Personal Identification Number (PIN) is mailed to your payment address. You'll then need to enter this PIN within your account. You have 6 months from the date your first PIN is generated to enter it … [Read more...]

*UPDATED* Simple Feed Customizer WordPress Plugin feed display

Hello my Distinguish readers, I am quite excited this day because I just release my first ever WordPress plugin called Simple Feed Customizer. A year ago, I had a big fight with a scraper website that was stealing my articles. Whenever an article is published here, the scraper site will also get updated as quickly as possible with same article. More so, I got outrank by this scraper on search engine result page. The scraper site was a blogger blog and I discovered the blog owner was … [Read more...]

PHP Benchmarking for the Noobs

PHP PDOStatement: bindParam vs bindValue

Benchmarking in programming basically means calculating the speed or execution time of an application. The faster your application, the lesser the amount of server resources consumed by it and the more user-friendly it becomes (users love fast applications). Using a timer, you can benchmark the speed of a database query, execution time of a given code and lots more. Doing so, you know the area in your application that is lagging. Using PHP's microtime Date/Time Functions, you can … [Read more...]

Why I Stopped Using Feedburner for Email Subscription

Feedburner and the evil CAPTCHA

FeedBurner is a great service that every blogger, webmasters and website administrator should use. Aside been a great tool, it is totally free and I don't see that changing in the near future. I personally use FeedBurner to host my blog feeds and handle email subscription. I had never like how FeedBurner email subscription works. Want to know why I stopped using it? Continue reading. Newsletter Frequency This was the major reason I stopped using FeedBurner for handling email … [Read more...]

How i Made $100 Promoting Shareasale’s Products

Shareasale payment statement

I started blogging late December 2012 primarily to make money online. To be frank, blogging hasn't been fun especially when you spend hours researching and writing articles and at the end of the day, you don't earn any money. Although the money wasn't coming, I still didn't quit blogging, you know why? the secondary reason for creating this blog was to document and teach others what i know. that was my sole motivation. Like they say, "the more you teach others, the more you learn". I … [Read more...]

How to Generate SSH keys in Windows

Generate SSH Key via Git Bash

Few days ago, I decided to give Gitorious a try on my Windows PC and see how it compares to Github. While trying to clone or fork a project for the first time, I was told to generate an SSH keys. Windows unlike *nix operating systems like Linux, isn't bundled with Git and support for Secure Shell (SSH). To generate SSH key for Windows, you need to have Git installed on your windows machine. The recommended way to use Git on Windows is the msysGit version which comes with a minimal support … [Read more...]

Randomly Display Advert / Content In WordPress via Genesis Simple Hook

Inserting PHP code to simple hook plugin that will randomly display adverts

I previously wrote a post on how I effortlessly customize my Genesis theme Footer's links and credit using the simple Hooks plugin. In today's article, I will show us how to randomly display content (ads, images, text etc.) hooked into any of the Genesis WordPress hook using same plugin. Let say we want to randomly display two advert A and B. Below is the respective Ad code for both adverts. Advert "A" [html] <a href=""> <img … [Read more...]

Monitor WordPress Website Downtime and Uptime with Jetpack Monitor

Jetpack monitor email alert

As of version 2.6+ of Jetpack plugin, a WordPress website downtime and uptime monitoring feature was added. If you were paying a web service to monitor your WP website, using the free Jetpack monitor will save you that money. Once activated, it will be checking your site every five minutes. If it looks like something’s gone awry (downtime), you will receive an email notification to the account that Jetpack is connected to. It'll also let you know as soon as your site is up and … [Read more...]

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