Adding Facebook Social Plugins to WordPress the Geeky Way

Adding Facebook Social Plugin to WordPress the Geeky Way

The Facebook Send Button is one social network plugin I can't do without. Since ditching Hootsuite, I have been using it, to send / share my blog content to numerous number of friends in a Facebook message, to email addresses, and to the various Facebook group just with a click away. Unlike the Like button, the send button can't auto-detect the current URL of a webpage, i.e. you need to specify an absolute URL of the page that will be sent. Using WordPress the_permalink() function, you … [Read more...]

Altering WordPress Feed’s Cache Lifetime with ‘wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime’ filter

Get the Time WordPress Post was published

It a well-known fact that when you publish an article not just in WordPress but also in most blogging platforms and CMS, the feed get updated automatically with the article. But do you know editing an already published article doesn't auto-update the feed? By default, WordPress cache feed or rather the cached feed has a lifetime of 43200 seconds, equivalent to 12 hours. There isn't an option to purge the cached feed. Say, you published an article and later discovered a typographical error … [Read more...]

How to fix SimplePie’s – Warning: cache is not writeable

How to fix SimplePie's - Warning: cache is not writeable

Few weeks ago, I wrote a WordPress plugin that displays recently published articles queried from WordPress feed using SimplePie (Yet to be released). Wondering what Simple is? Well it is a free, fast and easy-to-use feed parser, written in PHP that handles all of the dirty work when it comes to fetching, caching, parsing, and sanitizing the resulting data. After I had finished writing the plugin, I tested to confirm if it was working perfectly and indeed it worked but there was a minor bug … [Read more...]

*UPDATED* Simple Feed Customizer WordPress Plugin feed display

Hello my Distinguish readers, I am quite excited this day because I just release my first ever WordPress plugin called Simple Feed Customizer. A year ago, I had a big fight with a scraper website that was stealing my articles. Whenever an article is published here, the scraper site will also get updated as quickly as possible with same article. More so, I got outrank by this scraper on search engine result page. The scraper site was a blogger blog and I discovered the blog owner was … [Read more...]

Automatically close comment on all WordPress post

Automatically close comment on WordPress post

Few months back, this blog was targeted by spammers and bot, submitting comments with spam links on every article. I grew tired of deleting those spam comments and decided to close the comment form. Trying to close comment on each and every post will be time-consuming. To automatically close comments on all published post, follow the steps below. Login to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Settings -> Discussion Under Other comment settings, tick Automatically close comments … [Read more...]

Upgrade MobilePress Without Loosing Mobile Design mobile version rendered by MobilePress

I have been using MobilePress plugin to render a mobile optimized version of this blog. For some time now, I deliberately did not update the MobilePress plugin because the last time I did, the little design iteration I made was gone. For me not to lose my mobile design, I took a backup of my MobilePress Theme, updated the plugin and then uploaded the backup. Sounds difficult? See the steps below. Access your web server via a FTP client Navigate to … [Read more...]

Randomly Display Advert / Content In WordPress via Genesis Simple Hook

Inserting PHP code to simple hook plugin that will randomly display adverts

I previously wrote a post on how I effortlessly customize my Genesis theme Footer's links and credit using the simple Hooks plugin. In today's article, I will show us how to randomly display content (ads, images, text etc.) hooked into any of the Genesis WordPress hook using same plugin. Let say we want to randomly display two advert A and B. Below is the respective Ad code for both adverts. Advert "A" [html] <a href=""> <img … [Read more...]

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