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How to fix SimplePie’s – Warning: cache is not writeable

How to fix SimplePie's - Warning: cache is not writeable

Few weeks ago, I wrote a WordPress plugin that displays recently published articles queried from WordPress feed using SimplePie (Yet to be released). Wondering what Simple is? Well it is a free, fast and easy-to-use feed parser, written in PHP that handles all of the dirty work when it comes to fetching, caching, parsing, and sanitizing the resulting data. After I had finished writing the plugin, I tested to confirm if it was working … [Continue reading]

How i Opened and Verified my USA Paypal Account

Paypal account successfully verified using Payoneer US bank account

In the past, I have lost a lot of potential deals because I wasn't having a PayPal account, more so PayPal isn't supported in my country. Here are some lists of countries not supported by PayPal. Juan de Nova Island, Paraguay, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Europa Island, Korea North, Puerto Rico, Bouvet Island, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, Lebanon, Serbia and Montenegro, Central African Republic, Glorioso Islands, Macedonia, Syria, Christmas … [Continue reading]

Peachpit Review – Creative Technology Books and Videos Publisher

Peachpit - Publishers of technology books, eBooks, and videos for creative people

Personally, I am a book addict. When not writing code, I spend my leisure reading. I buy and read a lot of programming, web design & development, software development, and self-improvement books to learn and keep myself abreast on latest technology. I actually learnt how to code (PHP, MySQL, SQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, WordPress) reading books. One of my favorite book publisher is Peachpit. They offer unique learning experiences in the fields of … [Continue reading]

WordPress Plugin Subversion Error – PUT of ‘/!svn/txr/

WordPress Plugin Subversion Error - PUT of '/!svn/txr/

WordPress uses Subversion, an open source version control system for hosting and tracking plugins on it plugin repository. While building my first plugin, I encounter this particular subversion error each time I try to commit my code. PUT of '/!svn/txr/867445-j4aw/simple-feed-customizer/trunk/readme.txt': 403 Going through the Subversion book, I discovered this error usually arises when a user isn't having the permission to access the … [Continue reading]

How to Build a Scraper site with Blogger and WordPress

RSS feed to WordPress IFTTT recipe

A scraper site is a spam website that copies all of its content from other websites using an underlying technology or software that simulate humans’ exploration of the internet. The purpose of creating such a site can be to collect advertising revenue or to manipulate search engine rankings by linking to other sites to improve their search engine ranking. In my previous post, I mentioned my ordeal with a scraper site ( hosted on the blogger … [Continue reading]

*UPDATED* Simple Feed Customizer WordPress Plugin feed display

Hello my Distinguish readers, I am quite excited this day because I just release my first ever WordPress plugin called Simple Feed Customizer. A year ago, I had a big fight with a scraper website that was stealing my articles. Whenever an article is published here, the scraper site will also get updated as quickly as possible with same article. More so, I got outrank by this scraper on search engine result page. The scraper site was a … [Continue reading]

Review of Wondershare Video Editor for Mac

Wondershare video editor for Mac

Video editing has grown into a very large and important part of the music industry. Now there are many more options that are a lot more affordable and allow music producers and video editors to create high quality productions without having to invest large sums of money in the process. The revolution of the computer and software market has opened up many doors that used to be closed to anyone who didn’t show up with a lot of cash in their … [Continue reading]

Review of Beginning Yii [Video]

Beginning Yii [Video] - review

Few months ago, I receive this video course Beginning Yii from the Packt Publishing team in exchange for a review on it. Yii is a free, open-source Web application development framework written in PHP5 that promotes clean, DRY design and encourages rapid development. It works to streamline your application development and helps to ensure an extremely efficient, extensible, and maintainable end product. I have been looking forward to learning … [Continue reading]