Easily Backup And Transfer Your Website To Another Host Or Server

Backup files - cPanel

Are you tired of your present sucking shared hosting company or server and you will like to move or transfer your WordPress blog or any kind of your website? Have you read several articles on the internet on how to transfer website and deem them cumbersome and complicated to understand? Moving a website to a new host no doubt is very complicated particularly when you not that geeky and so you have no choice but to hire someone to do it. if you are lucky, your new host may handle the transfer … [Read more...]

Top Six(6) Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins


Wordpress without doubt is one of the best if not the best content management system(CMS) in the world today. Aside the fact that it very SEO friendly, it may be susceptible to some unscrupulous activities such as hacking, brute force, sql injection. It is only wise as a wordpress geek to have a backup plan. We all know manually backing up website from time to time seem discomforting, but the good news is, there are plugins that can relieve us of the stress of backup. Must Read Top … [Read more...]

Genesis Framework for WordPress