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Top Six(6) Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins

WordPress without doubt is one of the best if not the best content management system(CMS) in the world today. Aside the fact that it very SEO friendly, it may be susceptible to some unscrupulous activities such as hacking, brute force, sql injection. It is only wise as a wordpress geek to have a backup plan.
We all know manually backing up website from time to time seem discomforting, but the good news is, there are plugins that can relieve us of the stress of backup.

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Below are the top free wordpress backup plugins that can do the backup job.

  1. Backup Scheduler
    I personally use this plugin for my site backup. With this plugin, you may plan the backup of your entire website (folders, files and/or database). You can choose: which folders you want to save; the frequency of the backup process; whether your database should be saved; whether the backup is stored on the local website, sent by email or stored on a distant FTP (support of multipart zip files). This plugin is compatible with WordPress multisite installation.
  2. WordPress To Backup
    WordPress Backup to Dropbox has been created to give you peace of mind that your blog is backed up on a regular basis.
    Just choose a day, time and how often you wish yor backup to be performed and kick back and wait for your websites files and a SQL dump of its database to be dropped in your Dropbox!. You can set where you want your backup stored within Dropbox and on your server as well as choose what files or directories, if any, you wish to exclude from the backup.
  3. Google Drive for WordPress
    This plugin used to Make backups of your WordPress files and Mysql DB with Google Drive. Google Drive for WordPress is a plugin that provides backup capabilities for WordPress. Backups are ‘zip’ archives created locally and uploaded to a folder of your choosing on Google Drive.
  4. UpdraftPlus Backup
    UpdraftPlus simplifies backups (and restoration). Backup into the cloud (Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, SFTP and email) and restore with a single click. Backups of files and database can have separate schedules.
    Supports backups to Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP (including SSL), email, SFTP. One-click restore Backup automatically on a repeating schedule Files and databases can have separate schedules. Failed uploads are automatically resumed/retried. Select which files to backup (plugins, themes, content, other). Download backup archives direct from your WordPress dashboard. Database backups can be encrypted for security. Debug mode that gives full logging of the backup.
  5. UpdraftPlus Backup
    This plugin enables you to backup your WordPress database and content to SMEStorage which uses its cloud gateway to enable you to store your files directly on the storage clouds of your choice. These include Amazon S3, RackSpace Cloud Files, Box.net, Microsoft SkyDrive, Microsoft Live Mesh, Google Docs, DropBox, Mezeo, FTP, and any WebDav enable cloud.
  6. BackupWordPress
    BackUpWordPress will back up your entire site including your database and all your files on a schedule that suits you. Features Manage multiple schedules. Super simple to use, no setup required. Uses zip and mysqldump for faster back ups if they are available. Works in low memory, “shared host” environments. Option to have each backup file emailed to you. Works on Linux & Windows Server. Exclude files and folders from your back ups.

Over To You
There are numerous backup plugin present in the WordPress repository, but above are the six(6) best backup plugin. If you have any other backup plugin that wasn’t mention, please do use the comment form below, we’ll love to hear from you.

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  • moshe

    nice !

  • http://www.etechvilla.com Antoni

    These Plugins Are really Great. I also Made some recommendations on My Blog Few Hours ago… I recommended 7 Plugins but You can See The Rerasons One Should Make a Backup Below:

    Top 4 Reasons You Should Always Backup Your Blog

  • http://bloggingwizard.com Adam Connell

    Agbonghama, really great list of plugins you’ve put together.

    A few new ones for me, a few backup plugins I’ve seen before.

    I’ve found WPB2DB (WP Backup to Dropbox) to be quite effective, although I feel a lot safer using premium backup plugins like Backup Buddy.. mostly because of the support and extra functionality.

    • http://wapden.net collizo4sky

      I would have gone for Backupbuddy, but i can’t afford it for now. Can you please share it for me?

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